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“I have never been more motivated to workout and make new goals till I started working out with Mike. I have set goals, and Mike has made sure to help me along the way and make the goals happen."

— Monique

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"Mike is truely an excellent Trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough and fun, because of his efforts and versatile training, I am not only stronger but have a newly found confidence in myself. I really can't thank Mike enough for his motivation, support, and encouragement."

- Courtney


"From the moment I stepped into the gym to work out with Mike, he pushed me to achieve my goals in only the way he knows how to. He wrote programs for my workouts that were varied, so I didn't get bored doing the same thing over and over. Mike helped me achieve my goal of running a half marathon this year; he was amazing. He believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and I could not have done it without him."

- Debi

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As a woman, I wanted to find someone that is a good trainer but also where I can feel comfortable since he’s a man. Mike is super profesional and I feel comfortable training with him. I have been going to train with him for about 3 months I have seen improvements in my strength and body Every time I have a question or I need to talk to him, he answers super quick. When I was looking for a trainer I found a girl trainer named Adriana. I called her and she didn’t answer, I message her on Instagram she was active but didn’t look at it. And finally I emailed her and she took like two days to answer. After that she was like “I’m not ignoring you I’ll send you the info tomorrow I promise”, and she didn’t. Communication is super important for me too. And Mike is always really good at it. Love his dog Rogue! He’s sweet. His place is clean and organized. Price wise, it’s affordable. Totally recommend! Totally recommend!

- Julia

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Mike is an amazing personal trainer! He is motivational and supportive in all aspects of your training. Joining his five day a week bootcamp has been a game changer for me and I have grown so much with his support and encouragement. Mike knows how to push you to attain your personal health goals and he challenges you to work hard.....and his daily fun facts are pretty amazing too.

- Marie

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Mike is an excellent trainer who programs his boot camps to be hard but doable for all fitness levels. Mike is in tune with each of his clients abilities and always gives modifications where needed. In addition to a killer workout, Mike is funny and always provides a laugh to get your mind off the workout and push through those tough sets.

- Stephanie

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I have been training with Mike for a little over 5 months. Before him, I dreaded the gym or any type of working out. I now work out 3 days a week with him. Plus I do his nutritional program. Mike pushes you to do better and has a very balanced workout program. My results have been amazing because of him!

- Lindsey

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Like most people, I started this year with the mindset that I was going to start going to the gym and start working on my body. Thanks to Mikes bootcamp class, that was possible. I've gone for a few months so far and can't express how impressed I am with the changes my body has undergone. Mike is supportive and motivating. He's works so well with people and knows when its appropriate to push them harder and when its the right time to let them move at their own pace. I'm so thankful I've met him and joined his program and can't wait to see what the future holds. Thank you Mike for always being awesome.

- Mik

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