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New Years
8  Week Body Transformation Challenge

$499 value for only $250


Enter for your chance to win Cash Prizes up to $1000

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The Benefits

Set yourself up for success with a comprehensive nutrition and training program that has been proven with over 9 years of experience. Stay on track with a like-minded, supportive, fun group of people, and have Mike as your coach, helping and encouraging you every step of the way

Customized calories/macros for each client with example meal plans to follow

5 FULL Workout programs to choose from based on your fitness goals

Equally effective AT-Home and GYM programs included

LIFETIME access to the entire program, NO subscriptions

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"I was ready to start my weight loss journey but wasn't sure on where to go. I wanted something where I had a plan in place and could hold myself accountable week by week and that's when I found mikes new years transformation journey. He gave me workouts, meal plans that would fit my specific goals and I was able to make it into a game to see how much I was able to lose. It was so helpful to have a supportive trainer and group in place to share ideas and wow the results were amazing! Mike had us take before and after pictures and I lost 10 pounds but more importantly I saw dramatic results. It was so helpful to have accountability to take on the new year and start my year off right with a reset after the holidays. Will definitely do it again next year" -KH

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"I did Mike’s January 2023 weight lose challenge and it changed my life. I was already losing weight from lack of sleep, stress, and grief and decided that I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be STRONG. So, I joined his challenge, probably lost ten pounds but the gains in muscle and confidence was the big prize for me. Although I did not win the money challenge, I feel like I definitely won.

After that I signed up for his Saturday morning Buts and Guts class and the gains keep coming. I work out at home, but (no pun intended) having Mike train me once a week keeps me going and he always keeps it fun. Mike is the best at knowing when to push and when to ease up. He is always making sure that my form is on point and that I won’t injure myself.

If you really want to change your mindset and body in 2024, JOIN THIS CHALLENGE. Just do it, the worst thing that can happen is you don’t try and wait another year. Trust me."

“I have never been more motivated to workout and make new goals till I started working out with Mike. I have set goals, and Mike has made sure to help me along the way and make the goals happen."

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"Mike is truely an excellent Trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough and fun, because of his efforts and versatile training, I am not only stronger but have a newly found confidence in myself. I really can't thank Mike enough for his motivation, support, and encouragement."

As a woman, I wanted to find someone that is a good trainer but also where I can feel comfortable since he’s a man. Mike is super profesional and I feel comfortable training with him. I have been going to train with him for about 3 months I have seen improvements in my strength and body Every time I have a question or I need to talk to him, he answers super quick. When I was looking for a trainer I found a girl trainer named Adriana. I called her and she didn’t answer, I message her on Instagram she was active but didn’t look at it. And finally I emailed her and she took like two days to answer. After that she was like “I’m not ignoring you I’ll send you the info tomorrow I promise”, and she didn’t. Communication is super important for me too. And Mike is always really good at it. Love his dog Rogue! He’s sweet. His place is clean and organized. Price wise, it’s affordable. Totally recommend! Totally recommend!

"Like most people, I started this year with the mindset that I was going to start going to the gym and start working on my body. Thanks to Mikes bootcamp class, that was possible. I've gone for a few months so far and can't express how impressed I am with the changes my body has undergone. Mike is supportive and motivating. He's works so well with people and knows when its appropriate to push them harder and when its the right time to let them move at their own pace. I'm so thankful I've met him and joined his program and can't wait to see what the future holds. Thank you Mike for always being awesome."

"As a former athlete and all around active person, COVID really hit me hard when it came to motivation for working out. After starting a few personal training sessions with Mike, I not only gained that motivation back (he’s the most fun & knowledgeable trainer I’ve been to) but I started seeing and getting results I never got while working out on my own! If you are honest with your fitness goals, this guy will make those goals happen. Best trainer hands down."


"Mike! Where do I begin? I came to Mike as a past athlete who lost all the pep in her step and pretty much needed to start from the very beginning of working out again. Mike, not only by understood my goals but pushed me in the exact way I needed to achieve them. He makes me feel like I’m his top priority and I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else! Thank you Mike, thanks for everything. Can’t wait till our next session!!!"

Mike is best! I started with Mike as a complete beginner with basically zero experience weight training and have come a long way. Mike does a great job assessing your abilities and developing a program that fits with your skill, while also pushing you to challenge yourself to go further. He’s also really flexible on scheduling which is also a massive help.

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1st place winner for the most pounds lost $1,000

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